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Why is investment management software recommended?

business-financeBusiness has been changing constantly and on mandatory from all of its sides and basics. No matter how good some practices are, there will be always new approaches, ideas, conceptions and recently software products that will make you even richer and more successful. Staying far away from these innovations and revolutionary approaches is a huge mistake. And if you think you can progress with such behavior, you are wrong. Take investment management, for instance. It is a thing you need to really finely and properly consider and in case you are not provided with the best experts in the field, there must be another way for you to arrange this task.

What is investment management and can it be solved with software?

What we know from life about investment is a process that simply can be described like this: you gather and save money for years and when you see a solid amount of cash or in your bank account, you understand that in this world, where monetary crisis happen all the time, you should better not keep your money in a bag or even in a bank, but invest them. However, buying properties and then giving them for rent with your savings is not all that investment management in business field is lead to. On the contrary – investment in business in not about the personal judgment of a situation, budget and goals. It concerns an entire company and many sources of profits. This means i investment management software can do much more than tell you where to invest. It shows you why exactly you should invest in properties even though your company sells cars or why you need to quit investing in bio products, but make your own. Such things, of course, used to be predicted with no machinery or investment management software in past. However, today, things have changed and if a program can do it instead of 2 to 4 specialists, why bothering? Also, let’s not forget that investment links to mathematical tasks and accounts and in these duties there are also chances for mistakes – little ones that lead to big issues and problems. Besides saving you time, money and employees, investment management software saves you risk. And the risk, itself, can cause many other problems inside the company – like losses of profits, which were secured, delays in production and even bad advertising campaign, which you have thought will be the best thing during this calendar year. Any investment management software predicts you which fields could be ok to your personal field of business actions. In most cases, it is about a list of such and you with your investment specialists can decide.

Using investment management software is by all means a good thing, because it cannot prevent you from success, but only get you closer!

Ignis Completes Second Tranche of $5 Million Financing

oil-fundingIgnis Petroleum Group, Inc. (OTCBB:IGPG) is pleased to have completed $1.5 million of gross capital funding. This is the second
of three tranches of the Company’s $5.0 million dollar financing agreement with Cornell Capital Partners LP.
On January 9th 2006, The Company announced it had completed the first stage of the agreement and had received $2.5 million
before disbursement of fees. A registration statement has been filed with the SEC to register the underlying securities to be
issued under the terms of the funding agreement.
Complete details regarding the financing transaction can be found in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange
About Ignis Petroleum:
Ignis Petroleum Group, Inc. is a Dallas-based oil and gas production company focused on exploration, acquisition and
development of reserves in the United States. The Company’s management has closely aligned itself with strategic industry
partnerships and is building a diversified energy portfolio. It focuses on prospects that result from new lease opportunities,
new technology and new information.
Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements: This release contains certain “forward-looking statements” as defined by the
Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including, without limitation, expectations, beliefs, plans and objectives
regarding the potential transactions and ventures discussed in this release. Among the important factors that could cause actual
results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements are the risks inherent in oil and gas
exploration, the need to obtain additional financing, the availability of needed personnel and equipment for the future exploration
and development, fluctuations in gas prices, and general economic conditions.